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Structural bonds depend more on the adhesive, and require rigorous attention to detail. Small improvements in deliverables like viscosity, can geometrically increase reliability and thus performance. Attention must be paid to critical areas such as gap, and assembly requirements, to create an environment of reproducibility of results.


Structural Acrylic Adhesives

Blue OX SA260™

A medium viscosity high strength structural acrylic adhesive, built for tough jobs requiring fast cure, durable bonds. iBond SA260™ bonds metal surfaces, and neutralizes corrosion while unitizing assemblies with bonds that are stronger than the substrates which are being bonded together. iBond SA260™ is ideal for magnet bonding, speaker or motor, as well as simple tasks like name plate bonding.


A high viscosity magnet bonder designed specifically for servo motors, iBond 32™ brings robust bonds and production cure speeds. iBond 32™ is designed to resist heat, and shock, and deliver long life structural bonds.

Structural Methyl Methacrylate

iBond 4400™

A two component, 10:1, fast curing and easy to use adhesive, this is our go to methacrylate. iBond 4400™ delivers exceptional peal strength, and it's demonstrable performance with aluminum lap shear bonds, make it ideal trailer building and repair. No drip viscosity, and precision tip applicator, allow for accurate application. Matching a 10 minute work time, with a 30 minute fixture, delivers tip life, with reasonable cure speeds, for assembly floor production. Durable, flexible bonds on aluminum, fiberglass, steel, and a variety of plastics, and available in 50 ml and 400 ml cartridges, this maybe the solution to your bonding needs.