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High lubricity, engineered breaks, deliverable cure speeds, and a variety of viscosities, textures and colors, iPipe™ is everything you want, packaged the way you want it. Whatever your application, our standard platforms can be tuned and textured to meet application, assembly, production cure speed, and gap filling requirements.


iPipe 65™

A white, slightly tacky, PFTE containing, anaerobic curing pipe sealant, that fixtures reliably in 30 minutes in most applications, the work horse of our pipe sealant line. It delivers a tough bonded seal, that is generally good to the burst strength of the pipe your sealing. Because of the controlled engineered strength of iPipe™ 65, future disassembly is a breeze. iPipe 65™ has a 20 inch pound break on a 3/8-16 fastener, which translates to 200 inch pounds on ½" NPT pipe plain metal fittings. The polymerized sealant provides a plastic force field, preventing the mating surfaces from reacting with each other, and seizing, while helping valuable fluids arrive at their destination.

iPipe 67™

Our iPipe 67™is a low strength white traditional appearing pipe sealant. It delivers the locking strength of less than 10 inch pounds, on a 3/8-16 fastener. Ideal for small fittings, brass, stainless, plain, and almost any plating, iPipe 67™ bonds the pipe surfaces together, and completely seals the inner space of the joint, preventing leaks. Because of its low strength, and light gell viscosity, it's also an ideal low strength thread locker.

Hard Hat™

Developed to bring greater security with higher break away torques, Hard Hat™ has a 200 inch pound break, per ASTM D5363 on a 3/8-16 fastener. Still manageable with hand tools on pipe fittings, this curable sealant will deliver about 800 inch pounds of off torque on ½ NPT pipe fittings. It has a beautifully matched break away and prevailing strength, delivered in what one of our engineers described as the "perfect viscosity." It's smooth slightly tacky nature, delivers a lubricating anti-galling film, which allows for maximum joint sealing, with minimal torque. Although iPipe Hard Hat™ is a PFTE containing anaerobic curing pipe sealant, because of its extraordinary properties we gave it bright yellow color. Hard Hat™ brings extra strength, for added security, in critical applications that are exposed to extra heavy abusive environments.

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