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The next generation of high performance gasketing has arrived.

It's well known, that rubber has some elastic properties that make it desirable for many applications. Rubber is tough, and has insulating properties; physical, thermal, and electrical. Under Dr. Gerhardt P. Werber's direction, Adhesive R&D has revolutionized Formed-in-place gasketing, with the Patent Pending technology of its Rubber MAX Series™ line of products. Combining the strength of a cross linked polymeric backbone, with the flexibility of rubber; Adhesive R&D's development team has created a series of hybrid gasket makers that provide a new level of performance and reliability.

RubberMax DIESEL

The opportunity to provide a solution to thermo cycling issues, unique to the large surfaces and dissimilar metal applications in the modern diesel engine, was an early objective of Adhesive R&D. The rigid nature of current technology products had forced diesel engine manufacturers to rely on the poor performance inherent in cut gaskets. Rubber MAX DIESEL™ was invented for large surface areas, and dissimilar metals. Rubber MAX DIESEL's™ patent pending technology delivers, the high flexibility required to flex between cast iron and aluminum. The acrylic hydrophobic backbone provides the high strength bonds while the Patent Pending Rubber MAX™ technology provides the flexibility and elongation necessary to keep the mated surfaced firmly bonded and sealed.

RubberMax DIESEL

REDLINE™ is designed for high performance engines, especially for dissimilar metal to metal applications. The high flexibility of the Patent Pending Rubber MAX Series™ allows REDLINE™ to absorb the stress of thermo cycling, designed by a team that recognized how fast things happen, particularly on aluminum. While its thermoset back bone delivers structural strength, adhesion enhancers keep it firmly bonded to the surfaces. Because of REDLINE™'s unique adhesion properties, it is especially effective on aluminum surfaces, and we enhanced the cure system, to ensure fast thorough cure through, even on cast thin walled housings, with low copper content. REDLINE™ is the perfect solution for most aluminum applications.

RubberMax DIESEL

A highly flexible, sealant, which can be used for formed-place-gasketing, or as an adjustable thread locker, SHOCKWAVE™ is completely unique in chemistry, and performance. Our Patent pending Rubber MAX™ technology, allowed the invention of a sealant than can be adjusted after curing, and still provide reliability. This is particular valuable to manufacturers of pumps, air compressors, and the like, which are sold to other OEM's for use on their products, or end up a showroom floor. The use of SHOCKWAVE™ as a thread, or pipe sealant, prevents leaking or loosening, caused by a well meaning customer, tightening threaded joints, which compromises traditional sealants. Advanced thixotropic characteristics including lubricity enhancers, add to the unique market value of Rubber MAX SHOCKWAVE™.

RubberMax DIESEL

The modular nature of Adhesive R&D's technology was instrumental in the development of this completely unique, hybrid gasket maker. Using our high temperature cross-linking monomer system, CROSSFIRE™, we created the new standard in formed-in-place gasket solutions. Rubber MAX CROSSFIRE™ delivers chemical resistance, while still providing flexibility, thermal cycling resilient seals. It is the recommended solution especially for dissimilar metal applications, which may be subjected to long term thermo cycling and hot fluid degradation.


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