Dr. Werber's Innovation


Dr. Gerhardt P. Werber, an anaerobic adhesive pioneer, invented the modern anaerobic cure system known as 3rd generation.


Adhesive R&D in an effort to improve assembly line metrics, and increase reliability, developed our 4th generation cure system. 

Shaking Up The Industry


Adhesive R&D develop 5th generation cure system (MACH V) which delivers 15 minute functional cure times. 


United States Patent office grants Dr. Gerhardt Werber, and Kevin
Rosenberg Patent Number 10,968,310 B1.

This would be Dr. Werber’s 7 US Patent in anaerobic adhesive technology, and Kevin Rosenberg’s first. This important invention, created Adhesive R&D’s CrossFlex® molecule, a cross linking plasticizer, which can absorb energy, and plastically deform without fracturing.

Unlike fugitive plasticizers used in legacy anaerobic adhesives, CrossFlex® is cross linked to the methacrylate backbone, providing resistance to thermocycling degradation, and enhancing cure speeds.

Expansion Of New Technology


Adhesive R&D and Dr. Werber continue to innovate, creating new polymers and plastizers which bring advanced performance in flexibility, strength, chemical, and heat resistance.


ASTM D5363 & NSF

Adhesive R&D is a member of committee D14 that ensures different grades of thread lockers, sealants, and retaining compounds are further classified by properties such as strength, viscosity, and color.

Adhesive R&D incorporates the various grades of adhesives previously described in Mil-S-46163, Mil-S-46082B, and Mil-S-22473E, and created comprehensive all encompassing specification; however, there are deviations between the corresponding adhesives described in each. 

Adhesive R&D Standard

We offer product certification to either specification, and can help you understand the difference between ATM D5363 AN0321 and Mil-S-46163 Type II Grade N, and assist you in writing your own standard.

Adhesive R&D also provides NSF ANSI 61 certified sealants for potable water systems.

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