Anaerobic adhesives remain liquid until isolated from oxygen in the presence of metal ions, such as copper or iron. When an anaerobic adhesive is sealed between a nut and a bolt on a threaded assembly, it rapidly "cures" or hardens to form a tough cross-linked plastic that will bond quite well to many metals. Anaerobic applications differ widely with each applications requiring high shear strengths and resistance to temperatures as high as 230°C (445°F).


Anaerobic threadlockers are an excellent option for sealing threaded parts, and assemblies. The thermoset plastic formed-in-place seal, is bonded to the substrates and cross-linked throughout, providing a robust sealant capable of withstanding pressure, vibration, and chemical attack. Because these materials are 100%reactive, there is little shrinkage ensuring that the inner space is filled, and so are available leak paths. By filling the inner space a plastic shim firmly bonded to the available surfaces, anaerobic adhesives and sealant protect the substrate surfaces from corrosion from outside contaminates, as well as galvanic corrosion.

iPipe Pipe Sealants

High lubricity, engineered breaks, deliverable cure speeds, and a variety of viscosities, textures and colors, pipe sealants are everything you want, packaged the way you want it. Whatever your application, our standard platforms can be tuned and textured to meet application, assembly, production cure speed, and gap filling requirements.

Retaining Compounds

Adhesive R&D offers a full line of Mil-Spec anaerobic retaining compounds. We also offer our DeadBolt products, which are stronger, and faster curing, than competitive products. For the toughest environments, Adhesive R&D breaks out the CrossFlex and offers toughened RubberMAX formulations, which far out perform the older brittle legacy chemistries of the 1970’s. For permanent applications, in the toughest environments, Adhesive R&D has Designed For Manufacturability solutions.


The best way to gasket two surfaces, is to machine them to a glass like surface. Since that isn't an economically viable solution, the second best option is a formed-in-place anaerobic adhesive. The 100% reactive chemistries leave no leak path, as they are thermoset plastics bonded to the surfaces. Adhesive R&D in an effort to provide market driven solutions to a variety of performance inadequacies invented CrossFlex™, our Patent Pending Advanced Material. CrossFlex replaces the urethanes found in legacy materials, and removes the rheology, stability, cure speed issues, replacing them with unmatched performance. Combining the strength of our polymeric backbone, with the flexibility of rubber, Adhesive R&D’s development team created a series of hybrid gasket makers that provide a new level of performance and reliability.