Cyanoacrylates, Ethyl-2-Cyanoacrylate, super glue, or instant adhesive has been around for a long time. What’s changed over the decades, is our ability to make it more water, heat, and shock resistant. We can speed up its cure, or slow it down, to work within the metrics of a high speed assembly process. Adhesive R&D’s high purity ethyl cyanoacrylate can be blended with other cyanoacrylates such as butyl or methyl, creating hybrids designed to bring dissimilar substrates together, or reduce chlorosis. All of our cyanoacrylates are available in multiple viscosities, allowing a perfect match for surface wetting.

Black Widow

Adhesive R&D used premium high purity ethyl-2-cyanoacrylate, and blended it with a rubber toughening polymer to create our Black Widow high performance cyanoacrylate. Black Widow is fortified to resist vibration and shock. Its thixotropic viscosity keeps it in place, while still providing excellent surface wetting properties. A slightly slower cure package allows extra time for the perfect alignment of parts.

Surface Insensitive

Some surfaces are harder to bond than others. Chances are that 95% of your product is made out of those surfaces, and you don't need to bond anything to the other 5%. That's where Adhesive R&D's SI line-up goes to work. Normal cyanoacrylates cure in a neutral PH environment. Some surfaces, like certain types of wood, are acidic or base in nature, and will prevent a regular cyanoacrylate from curing. Not so with the super-charged SI products.


The two carbon methyl cyanoacrylate molecule is better suited to bonding metal than the single carbon ethyl molecule. We take the same care with our methyl line as we do with our ethyl cyanoacrylates so that we can provide you with fresh high purity adhesives that deliver the performance necessary to compete in a global market.

Rubber Toughened

Adhesive R&D's RT line of cyanoacrylates represents the latest generation of flexible, vibration resistant instant bonders, further expanding the market place where these products can be used. Rubber fortified formulations resist vibration and shock, producing far more robust bonds than those produced by regular cyanoacrylates.

Black Toughened

Rubber toughened. Fortified. For extreme applications. Black rubber toughened products are designed to withstand shock and vibration. Not everyone's product is designed to sit on a coffee table.

Low Odor

Sometimes the most important characteristic of a bond is that it is invisible. Adhesive R&D's Low Odor line of cyanoacrylates eliminates bloom or frosting on parts and has virtually no odor.

High Temp

Adhesive R&D's HT line of products are designed to resist temperatures that would break down normal cyanoacrylates. And while these products won't work on the sun, they will get you off the coffee table.