Two Part Epoxy


EP45 is a two part epoxy with a 1/1 mixture that is used for high performance structural bonding and casting suitable for applications where long term exposure to temperatures from -80° to +400°F is required.  It has a 45 minute working time. EP45 is commonly used in aerospace, electronic, electrical, computer, construction, metal working, appliance, automotive and chemical industries.


EP05 is a two part epoxy resin with a 1/1 mixture. It has a 5 minute working time. It has a high viscosity and is fast reacting. Some applications that is can be used for is flooring, adhesives, mortars, grouts, and industrial maintenance.


EP100 is two part epoxy with a 1/1 mixture. It has a 1 minute working time. EP100 is a fast-setting, short fixturing, general purpose clear adhesive. It's ideal for bonding composites, metals, rigid plastics, ceramics and wood. It can be stored in tightly sealed containers, at room temperature, for up to twelve months.