Crossflex Shockwave™


A highly flexible, sealant, which can be used for formed-place-gasketing, or as an adjustable thread locker, Shockwave™ is completely unique in chemistry, and performance. Our Patent pending RubberMAX™ technology, allowed the invention of a sealant than can be adjusted after curing, and still provide reliability. This is particular valuable to manufacturers of pumps, air compressors, and the like, which are sold to other OEM’s for use on their products, or end up a showroom floor. The use of Shockwave™ as a thread, or pipe sealant, prevents leaking or loosening, caused by a well meaning customer, tightening threaded joints, which compromises traditional sealants. Advanced thixotropic characteristics including lubricity enhancers, add to the unique market value of RubberMAX Shockwave™.

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