Food Shield


We squeezed the maximum performance out of this odorless, tasteless, and non-staining lubricant, and still met the rigorous USDA requirements. Food Shield™ is suitable for use as a lubricant with incidental food contact in Federally inspected meat and poultry plants. With corrosion resistant to 2100°F, Food Shield™ prevents galling on threaded and metal wear surfaces, and aids assembly, especially on stainless steel parts. It assures easy removal of metal or composition gaskets by preventing adhesion of gasketed surfaces. Food Shield™ resists water washout, salt action and spray while preventing spot welding and thread deformation and distortion by heat. This food grade, non lead-based formula, is effective up 3000 PSI, reduces pitting, and can be used as a directional drilling compound.

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Flash Point


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Temperature Range

-36F to 650F
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