The best way to gasket two surfaces, is to machine them to a glass like surface. Since that isn't an economically viable solution, the second best option is a formed-in-place anaerobic adhesive. The 100% reactive chemistries leave no leak path, as they are thermoset plastics bonded to the surfaces. Adhesive R&D in an effort to provide market driven solutions to a variety of performance inadequacies invented CrossFlex™, our Patent Pending Advanced Material. CrossFlex replaces the urethanes found in legacy materials, and removes the rheology, stability, cure speed issues, replacing them with unmatched performance. Combining the strength of our polymeric backbone, with the flexibility of rubber, Adhesive R&D’s development team created a series of hybrid gasket makers that provide a new level of performance and reliability.

Crossflex RedLine™

Bond-line flexibility is increased by a factor of four over legacy materials, and its targeted bond strength provides greater reliability while still allowing future disassembly.

Crossflex Shockwave™

A highly flexible, sealant, which can be used for formed-place-gasketing, or as an adjustable thread locker, Shockwave™ is completely unique in chemistry, and performance. Our Patent pending RubberMAX™ technology, allowed the invention of a sealant than can be adjusted after curing, and still provide reliability.

Crossflex CrossFire™

Crossflex CrossFire™ delivers chemical resistance, while still providing flexibility, thermal cycling resilient seals. It is the recommended solution especially for dissimilar metal applications, which may be subjected to long term thermo cycling and hot fluid degradation.

Crossflex Diesel™

Crossflex DIESEL's™ patent pending technology delivers, the high flexibility required to flex between cast iron and aluminum. The acrylic hydrophobic backbone provides the high strength bonds while the Patent Pending RubberMAX™ technology provides the flexibility and elongation necessary to keep the mated surfaced firmly bonded and sealed.