iPipe Pipe Sealants

High lubricity, engineered breaks, deliverable cure speeds, and a variety of viscosities, textures and colors, pipe sealants are everything you want, packaged the way you want it. Whatever your application, our standard platforms can be tuned and textured to meet application, assembly, production cure speed, and gap filling requirements.

Hydraulic Beast™

Slightly stronger than a traditional anaerobic pipe sealant, Hydraulic Beast™ replaces legacy brown hydraulic and pneumatic sealants, with a flexible durometer rapidly curing polymer.

iPipe™ 450™

iPipe™ 450™ represents our newest flexible monomer system, and is a highly engineered solution to assembling, sealing, and disassembling pipe fittings. It provides lubrication for assembly, and an instant seal on most NPT fittings.

iPipe™ 67™

This slightly sticky white paste will provide an immediate seal in many applications, and is almost 50% cured in only 2 hours.

iPipe™ HardHat™

If you're experiencing issues with stainless steel, aluminum, or stainless steel into aluminum, iPipe™ HardHat™ is the perfect solution.