Retaining Compounds

Adhesive R&D offers a full line of Mil-Spec anaerobic retaining compounds. We also offer our DeadBolt products, which are stronger, and faster curing, than competitive products. For the toughest environments, Adhesive R&D breaks out the CrossFlex and offers toughened RubberMAX formulations, which far out perform the older brittle legacy chemistries of the 1970’s. For permanent applications, in the toughest environments, Adhesive R&D has Designed For Manufacturability solutions.

DeadBolt 70

A medium viscosity anaerobic adhesive, DeadBolt 70 was designed to rapidly polymerize, without the use of Primers, and avoid the staging of parts. In most applications, it provides 40% of it’s final strength, in the first 15 minutes after assembly. Its ideal for high-speed manufacturing of a multitude of retaining applications, such as gears, or bearings, and may also be used as a very high strength thread locker.

DeadBolt 202

Was designed to rapidly cure, resist high temperatures, and deliver high strength. It achieves operational strength in 6 minutes, when used with our Primer. This product is not to be confused with legacy wicking grade adhesives, as it is much stronger and heat resistant. DeadBolt 202 is also ideal for sealing porosity leaks and eliminating scrap castings.

DeadBolt 10

A medium/low viscosity retaining compound, DeadBolt 10 delivers 15-minute functional cures, and eliminates staging parts, or using primers. DeadBolt 10 is twice as strong as the legacy materials it replaces. It can be used in place of Mil Spec 46082 Type I adhesives, to deliver better performance.

DeadBolt 80

The workhorse of our line-up, DeadBolt 80 was designed to increase the strength, and cure speed, of the original Mil Spec version, our 80 Green. DeadBolt 80 gives many of our customers functional cure speeds in 15 minutes, eliminating the staging of parts.

Crossflex Green Beast

This medium viscosity represents the new generation of anaerobic adhesives, which are toughened. These products are reinforced with our Patented CrossFlex polymer system, providing cross linked flexibility. Their performance is unmatched by brittle legacy formulations, or those containing urethanes. Green Beast also rapidly polymerizes, avoiding costly delays, or the need for primers.