Anaerobic threadlockers are an excellent option for sealing threaded parts, and assemblies. The thermoset plastic formed-in-place seal, is bonded to the substrates and cross-linked throughout, providing a robust sealant capable of withstanding pressure, vibration, and chemical attack. Because these materials are 100%reactive, there is little shrinkage ensuring that the inner space is filled, and so are available leak paths. By filling the inner space a plastic shim firmly bonded to the available surfaces, anaerobic adhesives and sealant protect the substrate surfaces from corrosion from outside contaminates, as well as galvanic corrosion.

Military Grade 23 Purple

Military Grade 23 is a low strength, thixotropic threadlocker, ideal for fasteners that need to stay locked. It's a light gel version, of our Military Grade 22 Purple. The increased viscosity, allows it to be used on medium size fasteners, and still insures the inner-space will be filled.

Military Grade 42 Blue

The most commonly used threadlocker is blue removable. Adhesive R&D Military Grade Blue meets the stringent original Mil-Spec and also ASTM D5363 AN0321.

Thread Devil

This fast curing, thixotropic threadlocker and sealant, reliable replaces old legacy red threadlockers with a strong flexible sealant. Thread Devil is ready for service in 15 minutes.

Thread Beast

Strong, fast curing, and flexible, Thread Beast sets a new standard in reliably, and permanently locking and sealing threaded parts.

CrossFlex 570 Sealant

CrossFlex 570 replaces old technology hydraulic sealants with a flexible modulus sealant. This provides greater resistance against hydraulic shock.